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Funny Stories: A Travel Blogger Link-Up

A link-up is a fun way to get bloggers connected to one another, and to help get your blog seen by more people. This is the 1st link-up on DiscoverTravelLive so please spread it around to anyone you think would like to join in. For this link up, you can…

Tips For Keeping Your Blogging Motivation At Its Best

How To Start Your First Blog p. 4: Ways To Stay Motivated and Keep Blogging

The idea of blogging is often exciting, fun, new, and interesting, however, don’t be surprised if after a week or two you find yourself burnt out and wondering if you made the right choice in your pursuit of web-based wisdom. Everyone reaches that point simply because blogging is not easy….

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Weekly #Pinspiration

So, yesterday I was more than a little tired and totally posted the #TravelTuesday pic on Monday. Without enough sleep my mind just doesn’t work. Sorry about that. I guess it’s time for me to buy a coffee maker… So today we have the weekly #pinspiration instead. Have a good…

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Must-Know Info for New #Bloggers

How To Build Your First Blog p. 3: Promotion

The 3rd part of the Blog Tips Series focuses on blog promotion. Once again, these are small, quick tips to help you get going. Enjoy! 1. Comment and Link on Other Blogs You should be keeping up with other websites and blogs with content similar to yours. This is not only…

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How To Build Your First Blog p. 2: Getting Your Blog Up And Running

 These tips assume that you are looking to setup a professional blog, with paid hosting and your own domain name, rather than a free blog. Free blogs are a great way to test your blogging ability, but for business purposes and monetization you will most likely want to set up…

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How To Build Your Blog Like A Boss PART 1: Quick Tips for Blogging Beginners

This is the first in a series of 5 posts on blogging. Each post contains short, to-the-point blogging tips to help you reach your blogging goals. This first one is mostly for beginning bloggers, and covers some of the first things a blogger should be aware of when creating a…

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#TravelTuesday Pic: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Inspiration quotes via Pinterest

Weekly #Pinspiration

The Weekly #Inspiration has changed its name! No big, and nothing you need to worry about, just thought I’d point it out. It will now be referred to as the Weekly #Pinspiration because I get all the sweet quotes from the big picture machine called Pinterest Follow me there by using…

1st impressions of using the EuroRail

Riding the Rails: A First Impression of the Eurail

As a long-time travel addict, of course I’d heard of the Eurail (Eurorail, Euro Rail… however you want to name it) and I’d bought a book about the Eurail long before I ever made plans to use it. Using a train to go everywhere is a sort of a strange…

Things I've done because of travel

Things I Never Thought I’d Say or Do, But Did, Because Travel.

Traveling makes storytellers out of everyone. –  Thanks to traveling, I’ve said and done a few things that just never really crossed my mind before. There’ve been good times, weird times… that time with the “cake” which you can read about here if you’re so inclined. I’m not going to…