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I have made a couple changes to the site lately, one being that the #TravelTuesday pic is no longer a regular thing.  That’s pretty much just because I haven’t gotten enough submissions to keep posting on every Tuesday. Also, the weekly Inspiration has dropped off a bit as well, at least on here….

Guayaquil City View

Get To Know Guayaquil, Ecuador Through The Eyes of a Local

Writing and photos by Jeannette A. Monserratte Let me tell you about the city that saw me born, it is the largest port city in Ecuador, located on the western bank of the Guayas River, which flows to the Pacific Ocean.   Its true name is “Muy Noble Ciudad de…

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Beautiful England + My Dad and the Adventure-Prone Gnome

I’ve been to England a few times, spending quite a bit of time in London, but also getting out of the city and into the beautiful English countryside. I love some parts of London – the architecture, museums, clubs, parks – but I enjoy the countryside or smaller cities a…

rio de janeiro
Review of How to Build Your Blog and How to Make Money from Blogging

How To Start A Blog p. 5: Review and Monetization

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Blogging Tips Part 5: Review And Monetization This last part of the blogging tips series includes a quick review of the previous 4 parts and new tips focusing on how to monetize a blog.   Review Part 1: Quick Tips For Blogging Beginners  1. Read, Search…

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Some Adorable Polar Bears Being Adorable

Came across this BBC video of some curious polar bears and had to share. The North and South Poles are on my Bucket List The polar bears are very interested in some of these camouflaged ice-cameras – which doesn’t always work out well for the camera. Video narrated by Doctor…

A Mother-Daughter Trip

20 Years In The Making: A Mother-Daughter Dream Trip

Since I can remember my mom and I had talked about taking a trip to Europe together. We threw around ideas about where we would go – Ireland and Scotland were big on the list. Then at some point we saw the movie Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane,…

Nyhavn Harbour,, Denmark
Pinterest Logo

How to Add a Unique Pinterest Pin It Button to Your WordPress Site

Pinterest has quickly become one of the leading social media platforms out there. According to this info graphic by Social Media Bistro, Pinterest has 40 million active users each month,  and over 70 million users total. So, if you have info that some of those 70 million might be interested in,…

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Tips For Keeping Your Blogging Motivation At Its Best

How To Start Your First Blog p. 4: Ways To Stay Motivated and Keep Blogging

The idea of blogging is often exciting, fun, new, and interesting, however, don’t be surprised if after a week or two you find yourself burnt out and wondering if you made the right choice in your pursuit of web-based wisdom. Everyone reaches that point simply because blogging is not easy….

Inspiration quotes via Pinterest

Weekly #Pinspiration

So, yesterday I was more than a little tired and totally posted the #TravelTuesday pic on Monday. Without enough sleep my mind just doesn’t work. Sorry about that. I guess it’s time for me to buy a coffee maker… So today we have the weekly #pinspiration instead. Have a good…

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Must-Know Info for New #Bloggers

How To Build Your First Blog p. 3: Promotion

The 3rd part of the Blog Tips Series focuses on blog promotion. Once again, these are small, quick tips to help you get going. Enjoy! 1. Comment and Link on Other Blogs You should be keeping up with other websites and blogs with content similar to yours. This is not only…